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Faces Etc. of MN is a Licensed Post-Secondary Career School for professional media makeup artists. Specializing in makeup artistry, we provide an unparalleled educational experience. Our Media Makeup School, prepares students for a career as a professional media makeup artist in every area and facet of the production industry.

We offer four unique programs to meet the needs of our students. These programs are offered to all prospective students, regardless of whether or not the student holds a beauty license. To work as a professional media makeup artist, no beauty license, or  prior work experience is required.

Global Education for the Professional Media Makeup Artist:

This training is pertinent to working in the production community anywhere in the world-a HD camera is an HD camera anywhere-you are not being trained to be a MPLS makeup artist, this education will go with you anywhere you get hired around the country or around the world!

Faces Etc. of MN offers five varying types of makeup education, including our all-inclusive. Our full course of instruction: our 130 Hour Multi-Media Production Course,  Our CC2B #1  (Crash Course 2 Beauty 1 OR 2)  One Day specialty classes on varying subjects, and modalities.  These are varying 3 or 5 hour classes, to help build skill sets and give the student insightful help and guidance into a area that they might need to become more proficient in! and classes for the general public on personal lessons.

Our Licensed Media Makeup Artist School for Professional Media Makeup Artistry covers every area, every facet!! These courses are offered to anyone interested (no license is required). Media Makeup artistry is NOT governed by the beauty industry and beauty industry licensure is NOT a pre-requisite to working as a Media Makeup Artist. Since we are a licensed POST SECONDARY CAREER SCHOOL, included in this course we offer professional business skills and marketing classes to help prepare you for entry level work, as a freelance Media Makeup Artist!

You will learn the important elements of makeup application while focusing on mastering the skills and techniques used in the world of media makeup. We begin building every day to more intricate applications for all the various mediums. Your success is ensured through our smaller artist-to-instructor ratios. This feature allows you to learn and master these step-by-step skills at a pace that will increase your confidence.

Included in your training is the latest and fastest growing makeup application: airbrushing! Faces Etc. of MN is proud to be a Makeup Forever partner school, also utilizing many industry standard makeup choices as well as a complete Dinair airbrush system, Ben Nye, Graftobian, Kryolan, Mehron,  and many other professional products have been the mainstay of our industry since its inception!. We will culminate the program with our professional photo shoot day, where we will bring in professional top name; local photographer’s to capture your work in print. You will receive the images digitally.

You will also be able to view and critique your work on our top quality High Definition camera and a large flat screen TV, so you can really perfect your makeup application process. This will train your eye to see what the High Definition camera sees, to correct your makeup before it goes to set, giving you the edge in this industry to produce strong makeup skills and techniques, not just great makeup…Makeup that works for every medium, every time!

1. 130 Hour,  Multi-Media” Production Course:

Our 130 Hour program provides a global education for the most serious and dedicated artists. If you want to wake up loving what you do, and doing what you love, let us help you become a part of an elite group of trained professional makeup artists!

As a student in our 130 Hour program, you will learn the important elements of makeup application while focusing on mastering the skills and techniques used in the world of media makeup. You will be building new skills every day, from fundamental principality to more intricate and extensive applications.

Also included in this course are professional business skills and marketing classes. How to brand yourself, how to negotiate rates, taxes, travel deal memos and more.This additional information is necessary to help prepare you for entry level work as a freelance makeup artist.

Your success is ensured through our small artist-to-instructor ratio that allows students to learn and master these step-by-step skills at a rigorous yet comfortable pace that will increase your confidence as an artist.

Over the course of your program, you will learn and practice various mediums with an emphasis on custom blending of products. Airbrush makeup application, the latest and fastest growing application, is included in your training. As a student, you will also be able to view and critique your work on our top-quality High Definition cameras and our HD monitor. This allows you to perfect your makeup application process, while training you eye to anticipate what the HD cameras and HD lighting are doing to the makeup!

Toward the conclusion of our program, we orchestrate a professional photo shoot for our students, where we will bring in professional top-named local photographers to capture your work in print to build your personal portfolio.

2. Crash Course to Beauty 1 and 2 : This “fast track” education program was designed for those interested but unable to take our 130 Hour Multi-Media Course. Please visit our “Crash Course” page for more detailed information about this program.CC2B courses are only 30 hours in length that can be 3 10 hour days or 4 seven and a half hour days whatever you need-they are customized to you! CC2B are 1 week intensive classes (30 hours of education with-no kits)  #1: which is bridal/print or #2: which is  production/multi media… CC2B #1 is typically for those working in a salon-wanting to get trained for bridal and personal clients makeup.  CC2B #2 Is all  about media production ( another 30 hours of training- no kit) and can be added later on if you decide to start working outside the salon, as a freelance production artist

3. CC2B 1 & 2 for OUT of Town Students:  signed up for and taken together, this is the same as our 130 hour course:  but done as private education for those who cannot commit to our one month course-(we do lots of these for out of town enrollments same pricing as the 130 hour, but completed in 60 hours of one-on-one training , and it includes the full makeup kit-but it has flexible time schedule-days ,nights, weekends-again for the student who is in need our training but cant stay for the one month course!!

4. One-Day Specialty Classes: These classes are available to the working professional artist wishing to expand their skill set. Our Alumni may also benefit from these programs, as we offer to assist them in their on-going pursuit for excellence in the industry. Please visit our “One-Day Specialty Classes” page for more details on some of these highly demanded classes.

We offer the following One-Day Specialty Classes that will help you expand your knowledge and expertise as a working artist:

  • Bridal and Event Makeup: Classic, Glamour, and Vintage
  • Bridal and Event Hair: Modern Trends, Vintage, and Tips & Tricks
  • Creative Hairstyling 1 and 2
  • Grooming the Groom: Techniques for Men
  • Period Makeup and Hair: Visit and master the ’20’s, ’30’s, ’40’s, ’50’s, ’60’s, and ’70’s
  • Wigs: Blocking, Cleaning, Styling, Repair, and Ordering wigs for film and theatre
  • Beards: Building, Styling, and Application of Crepe Wool and Lace Pieces
  • SFX Aging: Paint and Powder & Stretch and Stipple techniques
  • SFX Injuries: Light injuries with creams and alcohol palettes
  • SFX Bald Caps: Application and painting of bald caps
  • Theatrical Makeup and Hair: Period and Character influences for theater
  • Avant Garde: Airbrush and traditional techniques to create beauty and character effects
  • Runway Makeup: Designing a look
  • Script Breakdown: How to break down a script for film and theater as a Makeup Department head
  • Getting Started On-Set: Set etiquette, industry standards and requirements
  • Working with photographers: TFP’S
  • Airbrush for Beginners 101
  • Advanced Airbrush and Body Painting
  • Marketing 101 and 102
  • Tools of the Trade: Products, Tools, and artist must-have’s
  • Mind YOUR Business: Invoicing and Bookkeeping, Taxes, Write-Offs
  • Finances and Budgeting 101: How to get on track financially
  • Hiring Assistants: Growing your network

5. Classes available to the general public:

  • Personal lessons
  • Makeup kits for personal use
  • Halloween makeup
  • D.I.Y. special occasion makeup

Whether you are interested in learning the perfect application for your new career makeover, or you are wishing to learn tricks and steps to look your best, be it personal everyday makeup or event makeup, let us help you!

Please call the training center to inquire about costs and availability!

Disclosure Statement:

“Faces Etc. of MN, is Licensed as a private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota statues section 136A.831-136A.832  Licensure is not an endorsement of the Intuition, Credits earned at the Institution may not transfer to all other institutions.”

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