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Our cutting edge education will prepare you for a wonderful CAREER as a multi-media makeup artist for film, television (HDTV), fashion, beauty, bridal, runway, video, and print.

If you are a producer, director, event coordinator, photographer or anyone looking to “hire” or get assistance from a professional makeup artist or hair artist, this is the place to list your job


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  • Faces Etc of MN teaches you the finest in craft and skill in the “usually exciting, sometimes challenging, but always rewarding” life as a freelance media makeup artist.


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  • Available for licensed salon professionals – acquire the skills and techniques required to increase salon profitability and begin marketing business to a larger audience.


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Education done right.

If you are dreaming of a new career, we can help! Faces Etc of MN, is the ONLY Licensed Post Secondary Career School, approved by the state, to teach Multi-Media Makeup Artistry in Minneapolis! We provide state-of-the-art makeup education, courses, and classes to students interested in working in the world of multi-media makeup (film, HDTV, print editorial, fashion, bridal, corporate, music videos, runway, new media and SFX,) as a freelance media makeup artist.