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Are you wondering what it takes to become a professional media makeup artist? We have the answer!

Opening in 2007, Faces Etc of MN became Minnesota’s ONLY Licensed Post-Secondary Career School for Professional Multi Media Makeup Artists! Offering a global education (information that is recognized in our industry, anywhere in the world) whether you are a self -taught artist or just beginning this amazing career path-and looking for dedicated education and certification as a production (Film, HDTV, Print, Video and Fashion) makeup artist, you can receive your Media Makeup Diploma here!

We PASSED A LAW and Changed the Industry

In July of 2020, Faces Etc of MN, along with our 1000,’s of Alumni and Industry friends, was Instrumental in changing the Laws in MN, regarding the Freelance On -Site Makeup Artists Careers!! We passed a bill in regards to the Board of Cosmetology’s invasive oversight, into the freelancer’s career, specifically, the bridal and personal clients sector. That bill, SF #2898, now allows all “Freelance Makeup and Special Event Hairstyling” to be EXEMPT from the Cosmetology and Esthetics curriculum and the BCE oversight!!

IT’S A GAME CHANGER for MN, and we were happy to secure your freedom to work

FACES ETC OF MN now offers the Mandatory 4 HOUR CORE SANITATION CERTIFICATION for all working FREELANCE ARTISTS! THIS Certification is a State requirement to work This class also qualifies for any Licensed Beauty Professional’s CORE 4 Hour Sanitation requirement for license renewal! Please refer to Sanitation Page for more information

If you are dreaming of a NEW CAREER we can help!

Faces Etc of MN is the ONLY Licensed and approved media makeup artistry school in Minneapolis, Minnesota, under the Office of Higher Education,(see disclosure at bottom) Our curriculum is the only “non-beauty school” makeup education approved in the state-which means we have an incredibly solid program, so as to offer you a Multimedia Makeup Diploma.

We provide state-of-the-art makeup instruction, courses, and classes to students interested in working in the world of multi-media makeup as a freelance or independent makeup artist.

We understand the importance of real-world application to our educational theories, and have formatted our courses and classes to provide an environment for the working makeup artist. We have carefully designed our program to prepare students for work in the field, so our classroom and floor etiquette follow "on-set" protocols.

Every educator at Faces Etc works as a freelance artist outside the classroom… ,so you can know you are getting the most up-to-date-industry information and experience anywhere!

Beauty School Makeup Artists vs. Professional Freelance Makeup Artists

Most people are misled into thinking that in going to beauty school; they will learn to become a professional makeup artist. While beauty schools do teach the necessary beauty makeup skills for specific state requirements (under a Cosmetology or Esthiology license), these skills are for use in the salon environment, and are not the same possessed by a production or multi-media makeup artist.

Professional makeup artists working in production have careers in film, HDTV, print, runway, bridal, fashion, and video. It is imperative to note that they are NOT required to have a Cosmetology or Esthiology license. Anyone can work as a freelance makeup artist! Regardless of the fact you may or may not be a licensed professional, you are able to work in the production community.

Your 6 most important steps to becoming a Faces Etc of MN Media Makeup Artist:

  1. Find out what your passion is as this industry is built on passion!
  2. Request information on contact page of this website about your training interest, and start date
  3. Make an appointment to take a tour and have an assessment to see if this is your career path
  4. Give 100% effort to your educational experience while you are here
  5. Graduate with a Professional Media Makeup Artistry Diploma from the best makeup school ever!
  6. Launch your career-with confidence and the skills needed to make you the most successful artist you can be!

Our Facility-Catalog and Disclosure Statement

Faces Etc of MN, relocated in fall of 2022, to the prestigious Uptown area. We are nestled in the north side of Sencha Tea building on the corner of 26th and Hennepin Ave. The school is surrounded by many shops, stores, and eateries where our students can enjoy variety of cuisine at lunch! Faces Etc, offers easy access to all highways off 94 and 394. We are just north of The Mall of America, one the largest shopping malls in the country.

Our vintage boutique style building is from the 1920’s.located in the heart of uptown! There is plenty of parking on the public streets nearby, or the city bus line, as we are on major through fares in the city, with bus stops right near the school.

The street level is Faces Etc school offices, with a beautiful seating area! There are Apartments located on upper level of the building that has a two story Prince Mural in tribute to the Minnesota local artist, on the east end of the facility. The lower School level is outfitted with a student breakroom supplied with tables chairs a full fridge and microwave for preparing lunches on site.

We are outfitted with state-of-the-art lighting, a HD camera and monitor to help students get the best possible training possible. Our makeup stations are lit at 5500K lighting allowing students to see flaws and imperfections in the skin, thereby enabling the students to better train their eye!

We run the classroom setting like an actual set, thereby helping the student become aware and accustomed to what to expect out in the industry. Utilizing personal evaluation forms for every application offers honest feedback and critique in order to help them reach their full potential. The student is guided through all makeup techniques with greater understanding on what elements need to be further practiced or understood in order to create an amazing makeup application for every medium. Students are being trained in film, television, print, editorial fashion, bridal, corporate, new media, music videos, SPFX and airbrushing skills.

We have 6 students stations (classes are limited to 6) with mirrors 4-foot counters, and independent cabinets for personal items to be stored.

Disclosure Statement

“Faces Etc of MN, is licensed as a private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota statues section 136A.821-136A.832 Licensure is not an endorsement of the Institution, Credits earned at the Institution may not transfer to all other Institutions.”

A Google Map to our NEW location is available on Contact Us page!

Our Mission

Faces Etc of MN is a licensed CAREER SCHOOL ONLY, we are committed to assisting our artists in maximizing their individual creativity to reach their highest level of success as a professional media- makeup artist.

We are a Licensed Post-Secondary Career Media Makeup School. We are serious and passionate about our training here at Faces Etc. We are specifically looking for those serious and passionate candidates, who wish to make this a “career”, not a hobby.

The education and skills you will acquire at Faces Etc of MN are universal and applicable regardless of where you choose to work in the world!

At Faces Etc of MN, you will be taught by some of the most respected and requested leading artists in the industry! Our instructors possess a high degree of personal success and achievement in many specialized areas of the industry! All of our educators are currently working in the Production community all over the country and abroad to give you the most current education available anywhere!

Our Goal

To teach contemporary and up-to-date makeup artistry courses to both the novice and the experienced makeup professional. Our cutting edge education will prepare you for a wonderful career as a multi-media makeup artist for film, television (HDTV), fashion, beauty, bridal, runway, video and print.

Our "beyond the counter" philosophy of education is the first of its kind in the greater Midwest area. Our beautiful upscale Makeup School is located in our NEW facility in Uptown is the perfect place for you to learn the fundamental skills of the craft!

Faces Etc of MN offers practical instruction that will prepare you for working in all mediums of makeup by utilizing the latest techniques in education. As a student, you will learn all aspects of the industry, including, airbrushing, light special effects (SFX) photography print, fashion, simple hair styling, portfolio development, set etiquette, and more.

Why choose Faces Etc of MN?

At Faces Etc of MN, you will gain an unparalleled education! With hands-on instruction and lecture, our students are our priority! We ensure that your classroom is run in a manner that’s allows you to gain the most from your time spent with us! Because we are a licensed career school that is our focus --CAREERS—it’s to get you out in the field working in the craft you love!

Our instructors come from an educational background where manage the classroom, not just the curriculum, becomes an important facet of your learning process. Our educators have a combined 89 years as Media Artists out in the field! With a limited classroom attendance of 6, Faces Etc of MN instructors can cater to the needs of every single student, no matter what your learning style may be.

Not everyone that can "do" makeup can "teach" makeup-there is a big difference the two!!

You need to be sure your educators are not just great Artists but that they know how to transfer the education to you in a meaningful and useful way! The Faces Etc of MN curriculum was worked on for over 10 years before the doors ever opened; to ensure that the information taught here would be powerful and transforming. This information was laid out by the criteria of some of the most talented, respected, and gifted educational teams in the country!

We take pride in knowing what it takes in order for you to be successful. We know how important it is to own the information you are taught, not just hear it! That is why time is spent every day on skills, techniques and business attributes; to give you the upper hand on your career and get you out in the industry, working in your dream job!

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Tour Our Facility

Please fill out our “Request Information” form on Contact Page of this site to schedule your Tour and Assessment of our Facility and allow us to tell you more about our programs! And discuss your career path as a media makeup artist

WE MOVED in fall of 2022 to our new location in Uptown, on the corner of 26th Street and Hennepin Ave. We are Located in the north side of the Sencha Tea building, with a huge tribute mural of Prince on the east end of the structure. Faces Etc of MN is now located at 1313 W 26th Street Mpls, MN 55405- with parking anywhere on the public streets.

Faces Etc of MN is the Best Makeup School you can attend-running our classroom like a Production set-and having over 40 years in classroom environment and education-this School setting allows your creative passions to be stirred while giving you an opportunity to develop the artistic talents that reside inside to develop in a way that will challenge you to grow and become a strong and gifted Media Makeup Artist!

Being a great Educator is important and fundamental to your learning process, we can’t just be great a Makeup Artists! All of the Faces Etc of MN Instructors hold Education at the highest level, and go to continuing Education classes to stay current in our field

Running the classroom as a Production Set will enable you to learn all the while giving you an opportunity to get accustomed to the on-set experience while in our own classroom!

To ensure a state-of-the-art education, all makeup applications are shot with high-definition camera and presented on an HD monitor for viewing and critique. Using this instructional method, students are able to review their applications in great detail, and train their eye to have an accurate understanding of how each application is read in every HD format we may work in. Because your classroom is run like a Production set we have many crucial elements built into your education to make sure you are prepared and ready for your own careers outside the School!

Upon Graduation, if you excel in the program here, you will be added to our private job posting alumni page, where you will have opportunities to chat with other Faces alumni family! On this page, you can ask questions, share experiences and give or take work alongside other passionate makeup artists who will support you in your career goals!

President’s Letter

Dear Prospective Artisan,

Thank you for your interest in Faces Etc of MN! Becoming a makeup artist may have only been something you dreamed of… until now. We at Faces Etc of MN are here to help you turn those dreams into your reality!

We are a cutting-edge global education center licensed Post-Secondary Career School for Multi-Media Makeup Artistry (film, print, video corporate, bridal, fashion, runway, and SFX). The education we provide is universal. No matter you choose to work in this industry or the world, you will be able to employ all principles learned at Faces Etc of MN as we, too, are global artists!

Being a Licensed Post-Secondary Career school for Multi-Media Makeup Artistry means you are getting the highest standards of education anywhere. Don’t be fooled…not all education is the same, nor are makeup schools. You want to know that what you thought you were getting is actually what is being taught-Licensure is the highest standard you can reach! And we are proud to provide that measuring rod for any potential enrollments!

We are seeking to instruct only those who are dedicated to building an amazing career as a Media Makeup Artist. We encourage only the most serious artists to apply. This is a “Career ONLY” makeup school. Our training is for those who are passionate and serious about this being a career. We also offer one day education for those just looking for makeup styles, techniques and tips for personal use!

Together, we will work with you to cultivate the artist within. Our passion is to help you develop the skills and traits necessary to turn your passion into a rewarding career! We are excited about this wonderful opportunity for you to attend Minnesota's premier Media Makeup Artistry School!

If you are interested in taking the “next step” as a professional makeup artist, please contact us for more information, using our “Request information” form on our contact page, to schedule an interview assessment and tour our facility.

We would love to take the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss your personal career goals, and determine if Faces Etc of MN is the best option for you!

We ensure that all students receive the instruction and direction necessary to make you the talented makeup artist you desire to be we regulate class size maximum to 6 or our 130 hour course. The career you have been dreaming of is now within your reach!

Please be sure to check your email often as we will send you up to date information and answers to and questions that you have asked.

If you need more assistance please email us [email protected] We look forward to meeting you in person soon!

Have a Beautiful Day!

Debbie Carlson

President, Faces Etc of MN Makeup School