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My success can only be attributed to the training that I received at Faces Etc of MN. I recognized my passion for makeup at a very young age, and decided to pursue it as a career. My instructors made a very strong point of taking my career seriously and with a sense of professionalism, a side of our industry that can be easily misconstrued- or just missed in general.

Not only did I learn the foundations of a high quality makeup application, I learned how to be successful as an entrepreneur.

Our industry is constantly being improved through technological advances, such as HD technologies, and the curriculum has managed to evolve with the technology to create the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME for clients.

The instructors at Faces are filled with knowledge that is imperative for an aspiring makeup artist- but only the artist themselves can choose to embrace it to its fullest…there are very few makeup professionals that have the crucial information on all areas of this profession, and I can say with confidence that I was trained under the best makeup artists that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

The aspiring makeup artist will be given all of the TOOLS to become successful in this industry.

-Danielle S.

Attending Faces Etc was such a wonderful life changing experience for me. The instructors are extremely talented, experienced and inspiring professionals who are dedicated to teaching each student the necessary skills to go out in the world and be a knowledgeable and successful professional media makeup artist.

In class we learned our skills but were also challenged to think outside of the box not just in makeup applications but in our life choices and career paths also. After I graduated, Faces Etc. gave me and some other recent grads at the time the opportunity to work on a feature film that was shot in Minneapolis and everything happened from there. I got to meet and network with artists who were in previous classes and a crew of local professionals who have a wide range of experience working in film and television production-projects that I used to build my portfolio, reel and contacts. I also received many additional leads through the school for more portfolio building and networking opportunities for various projects since I have attended. It was a huge help to have Faces. Etc. referring work to us and helping their students get a foot in the door.

-Andrea S.

Faces Etc exceeded my expectations completely. This school will teach you so much more than just applying makeup and to inspire you and motivate you to take this career to its fullest potential! Without Faces Etc I would not understand the business side to being a makeup artist, the importance of maintaining relationships or networking. Besides the Business classes on being successful, many alumni will come and share their experience in the real world and what to expect.

Faces Etc jump starts your career by  hearing others success stories and learning from their mistakes, also the opportunity to start building your resume while still in school, and of course the makeup kit we receive the first day of class. Faces Etc has strategically made a kit that can allow you to work in any medium including the airbrush machine!

Faces Etc was an amazing experience. The relationship you build in just one month will surprise you and the knowledge you walk out with is extended. We really are “not JUST another pretty face” …we are much much more than that.

-Emmie S.

Faces Etc. was such a wonderful gift of talent, experience, and professionals who are dedicated to teaching the necessary skills for the industry for students to be successful in the career of multi-media makeup. Melissa is inspirational with her background and experience, as well as guiding us with hands on experience.

In class, we were challenged to think out side the box in all areas of makeup, including, but not limited to, application, creativity of color use, and career paths. Anything is possible through hard work, dedication, a drive to pursue.  Keep inspirations in front of you – favorite quote, pictures, or whatever motivates you – in front of you and on your mind at all times. The advice and mentoring I received is never far from my mind and I am thankful for it when I am facing challenge, I also go back to my notes.

-Joann R.

…When I first started on this journey I had no idea where it would take me,all I knew was that I had a passion and love-BUT now I am dreaming BIGGER than ever-Thanks to Faces Etc of MN!

Never in a million years did I think I could actually become a working Professional Makeup Artist-Everyone at Faces has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Where ever this journey takes me I will alwyas remember my foundation and my stepping stone to a lifetime of wonderful adventure and I will not forget the inspiration and motivation that you and Melissa have put into me..

I hope one day,that I can return to Faces Etc to be an inspiration to others .-and show them how this really can be an attainable career!!

Thanks again for this amazing opportunity!

-Pang V.

…Thanks for all the leardershio and training and your dedication to us as students of Faces!

Without your passion so many of us would not be able to recieve the training to achieve our dreams!

Thanks for your continued support to help with my career-and the great opportunities we have recieved to put the education to work! and all the work you have put into making this school happen for us!

-Laura W.

…Knowing I can walk out the door and start work immediately in this field because of the great education I received  is both exciting and rewarding-having a real “set” experience while going through school was a great confidence builder! Anyone who wants to work as a Makeup Artist for Production should truly consider taking this course- and we have an amazing full working professional kit that we are confident and skilled to use, to begin our new career with!

-Lonaiah F. 

I never knew there was this much involved in makeup –this information is so crucial to our success!

-Julie E.

Because I have had a passion to work as a Makeup Artist my whole life, the education and experience here at Faces Etc. of MN, has really given me the confidence and skill set to go out and make this finally happen for myself and I am excited to be a part of this amazing group of ladies.

-Kim L.