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Welcome to Face to Face!

Welcome to Face to Face!

Our Faces Etc of MN blog for Makeup Artists and creatives of all sorts- we hope you enjoy it and check back here often!

It’s a new era at Faces Etc of Mn,
Many wonderful and exciting things are ahead for us,so launching our Blog seemed like a perfect “new step” in the process!

What does a Private Practice Surgeon, a Model, a Pizza chain owner, a Housewife, a Realtor and a few Professional Sports Wives all have in common? They all have pursued secondary careers as Freelance Media Makeup Artist- turning their hobbies into a full blown career!

Being a Multi-Media Makeup School, and believing highly in the importance of “Education”, it only seemed appropriate that our first blog would be about just that…education- the value of it, the continued need for it, and the ability it has-to give you the power to step out, step up and forge ahead!

Having spent nearly four decades in the field of Education… it never gets old -stirring others to refine not only their craft but their dreams as well!

The easiest way to keep your interest in learning is to help you locate your passion!  That’s a huge part of what we do and who we are at Faces- teaching you how to make the dreams in your heart a reality!

What does passion look like?  Have you ever been passionate about something- that others around you didn’t share?…..
When I think of passionate people I thinks of people that experience life on a whole different level than most- they have a quality about them that cannot be over looked!

Passion is defined in Webster’s dictionary as a “powerful compelling feeling or desire!”

I meet all different kinds of people everyday- but those who seem to be the passionate ones, stand out from the rest- if  you go to restaurant,you have the one server that seems to go above and beyond to make  sure your food  or order is exactly right, even replenishing your drink before you can ask… then there is the  lady at the coffee shop who engages in conversation as you scan the menu rattling off all of the top faves.. Passionate people are …well different- and usually can be very vocal, especially about their area of passion!

So, lets define Education in regards to your career as a Makeup Artist- it’s not that you “need” to go to makeup school- most artists are self taught- without any formal training- but that is changing and changing quickly with the new surge of technology, equipment and of course  the development of Makeup Schools around the country- (makeup schools are still a fairly new concept in many States) there is an increasing number of Makeup Artists, who are choosing to get some sort of formal education, even a diploma or certification!

So let’s take a minute to look at some of the benefits to education:

1. The Value:
In ANY Industry you choose to get Educated in, the VALUE first and fore most is that it gives you the opportunity to get  the most recent and up-to-date information…In a  world that  changes quickly, products, tools, and especially techniques can become obsolete over night!

Knowing and owning your career, is essential to your good success! You must know the Whys, How’s and What for’s with each aspect of the job!

2. The Need:
The most NEEDED aspect of education for us as Makeup artists is being able to discern between the requirements for all different mediums we work in and what is appropriate for each makeup application-
Taking on-going education, can help you make the move from one area of expertise to another- (i.e. If you’ve only ever worked Film,and now want to move to Print)  you need to know that some of the things that worked in one medium may not work in this next- and how do you gain that knowledge without burning a relationship in the industry, or making a costly mistake on set that diminishes your career in some way- so Need to knows are important!

3. The Ability:
Education or on-going classes, is something that should be incorporated in all of our careers- because one of the biggest challenges (and I get it- its not always easy or convenient to take classes) is also one of the biggest contributors to you enhancing your career for future stability and growth- by learning new skills, new techniques new ways to look at something you are keeping yourself on the cutting edge of your career and this helps build the confidence we sometimes lack when the information is unknown!

So make yourself a promise to be the BEST you can be in any area you work-
We like to say it this way: you don’ t need to COMPARE yourself…you need to PREPARE yourself!!

We would love to see you… In class!