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Entrance Requirements

130 Hour Course-Entrance Requirements 

In order to complete the enrollment process in our 130 Hour Multi Media 4 week program, potential Artist’s must complete an Artist Assessment, Artist Enrollment Application form and a $200 deposit for the multimedia makeup course. Deposit apply towards total cost of tuition-of $5995.00  Education is $3995.00 and Kit fee is $2,000.00 also, a copy of current Driver’s License or State ID- and must be a minimum 18 years old (or those 17 must have signed parental release if accepted by the school) and have a High School Diploma or a GED.   Class size is limited to 8 student’s maximum.

Enrollment Process:

Our enrollment is limited to ensure the quality of the training and personal one on one time, and all  Prospective Applicant’s need not have any previous experience for our 130 hour media course, but a strong desire and passion to be a media makeup artist is needed! Prospective students may be interviewed to assess their initial practical pre-instruction ability to comprehend, understand and apply the cosmetic products and use the tools required in our trade and daily work as an artist in this field.

All prospective students are monitored in their daily work-and given written assessments, as to their progress and development in training, a lack of continued desire or progress could cause them to be terminated from the class-and refunded their tuition according to the fair act refund policies.

Care is given to students to be sure they understand the seriousness of their course of study-and the benefits available to them upon graduation-students are counseled in regards to getting work, career pursuit and development, however

Faces Etc of MN, does not guarantee work or a Career in this industry-there is no job placement-as this is a freelance business they are entering-

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, (unless otherwise stated) and a High School Diploma or equivalent thereof.

Registration is as follows:

  1. Come with a passion to learn.
  2. Request more information from the school by calling us at 612-824-3000.
  3. Set up an interview with the admissions representative to see if this career path is the right fit for you. At which, a rejection letter or acceptance letter will be issued-  if you receive an acceptance letter into the program, then you must complete the enrollment application form and pay the registration fee of $200. (Applicants must be fluent in English and free from physical handicaps that would prevent them from working as a makeup artist.)
  4. Give 100% to your education. Provide information regarding a high school diploma, or GED, provide a valid driver’s license, or other state issued I.D, and  provide information on current immunization
  5. Graduate with Media Makeup Credentials from the best makeup school ever!
  6. Launch, work and develop your career continually.

Our multimedia makeup artistry training requires no pre-requisites, and no equivalent program elsewhere applies. Nor can studies received here be transferred for credit elsewhere.

Admission is at the discretion of the Director, who chooses the best qualified applicants for this advanced elite training program, applicants must possess a strong self-motivation, and a passion for this industry as class sizes are limited!


Faces Etc. of MN. LLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, financial status, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or any other factor prohibited by law.

Graduation Information and Makeup Credential:

  • A valid and prestigious licensed career school  “ Professional Multi Media Makeup Credential” recognized in the State of MN, will be awarded to graduates who meet the graduation criteria. There is no makeup license for this education.
  • No Credit is awarded for advanced standing prior work background, or previous skills or experience, a Faces Etc education does not transfer to other colleges or class room credits elsewhere.

Our multi-media makeup artistry training requires no pre-requisites, and no equivalent program elsewhere applies.