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Conduct & Grievances

It is our belief that prompt resolution of any issue or grievance will create the best learning environment for both the artist and the staff. We urge you to bring any issues you may have to the educator involved, in a polite and professional manner.

The exceptional staff and educators are here to give you their hard-earned, real-life lessons and experiences in the field. They will provide their personal “keys to success,” not just teach you technical skills.

All students are expected to act with respect and courtesy at all times to both classmates and staff, as we, the staff at Faces Etc of MN, will do for you.

Students are required to study and prepare for tests and practice disciplines outside of the training center.

As an important note, sanitation is a required component of all of our programs. All students shall participate in and help to maintain a clean and sanitary environment to work in daily, including: mirrors, garbage, restroom, floors, counters and sinks.

This is both a large industry and a small family; you never know when you will need a mentor in the field! Treat each other with respect as a fellow colleague.

Profanity is NOT considered professional verbiage and is not permitted, nor acceptable, and is never appropriate!

The following unprofessional behaviors are defined as but not limited to the following: manufacturing, possessing, using, or selling illegal drugs, or appearing under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, on or near the training center premise or any off-site location. These behaviors are considered to be a violation of your contract, and are grounds for dismissal or expulsion from the Faces Etc. of MN program.

Any violation of the law will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authority.
Smoking is permitted ONLY in the designated area of the back parking lot.

A student may lodge a complaint to the director for resolution. If the complaint is not resolved within three (3) days, the artist should submit a formal complaint in writing to the director. Within ten (10) days of receiving said complaint, Faces Etc of MN will provide the student with a written disposition citing course of action. If the complaint is rejected, proper reasoning will be provided.

Letter of Grievance (Sample) for resolving any issues:

A student may lodge a complaint, orally or in writing to their instructor or administrator. If the student orally delivers a complaint and the complaint is not resolved, the school shall advise the student to submit the complaint in writing, and shall provide the student of a written summary of the complaint procedure.

Procedure for filing a complaint is as follow:

Student must communicate in writing the grievance, submit the name of person filing, date filed, date of incidence or problem or grievance happened, names of all involved, location, other information that is pertinent to the incident.  If the student complains in writing within 10 days of receiving the complaint, provide the student with a written  disposition of it. If the complaint the student requested is rejected, the reason will be stated, along with the date it was resolved.

Faces Etc. of MN reserves the right to determine student conduct and grievances.