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Career Development

We offer all graduates and Alumni from our 130 hour Multi Media course who excel in the program to attend future classes and events sponsored by Faces Etc. of MN.

Ongoing personal one-on-one classes and tutoring are also available, to give advice and assistance with resumes, business cards, portfolios, branding, marketing, techniques, new product training, trending, perceptions, relationship-building, portfolio management ,business guidance, websites, Social Media marketing, Taxes, and more…

All Instructors are for Hire at personal day rates, as instructors are available. Please call to make arrangements for assistance and guidance.

Faces Etc. of MN does not guarantee placement or employment, as our training is for work as a credentialed freelance media makeup artist. We will do our best to help artists in pursuing opportunities for work through our Artists Connections Job Board which offer opportunities for Alumni to work for credit (resume builders) or pay on many projects, films, shows, events, charity events allowing them to make connections in the industry!

As a reminder, artists wishing to work in a licensed facility such as a spa, hair salon, or beauty salon must have a cosmetology or aestheticians license to work in this field.