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Attendance Policy

To earn a Makeup Diploma from Faces Etc. of MN -A Licensed Post-Secondary Career School, students must have a 90% attendance record. All quizzes, homework, and assignments must be completed and turned in for grade. Students may only miss one day of the 130 Hour Course without a doctor’s note. (Students are permitted one excused absence or extended leave for a legitimate reason such as, family emergency or illness.) *Time missed in class for one day absences are forfeited.

If the student fails to complete requirements for certification, the maximum time allowed to complete the material is 1.5 the normal clock hours for the class offered.

Example: The 130 Hour Multi Media Course is 3.5 weeks long, so the number of weeks they have to complete the course is six weeks total to earn certification. These additional two weeks is the maximum time allowed to earn certification, otherwise failure of the course and forfeiture of certification will result.

If a student is to miss a class, they may have the opportunity to make arrangements to attend the next offered class to make-up missed material if there is an opening. If the class is not scheduled to repeat, the education for that particular day missed will be forfeited.

Leave of Absence

A student who must take a leave of absence (LOA) may do so provided he or she has first received approval by the director or administration. LOA applications are available from the training center Admissions Office. Students granted a LOA must return to the program within six (6) months in order to complete the program in which they were originally enrolled. They must re-enter the program at the point in which they left prior to their LOA.

Failure to return to their specific program within the six months allowed will result in a pro-rated refund based on the number of hours they were enrolled in the program, minus application and kit fees that may apply. Their status is then considered a “drop.” If the student wishes to start their education again, they will be considered as a new applicant, and all enrollment and kit fees will apply.


Tardiness is a disruption to the class and learning process and should be avoided. As a working professional artist, it will not be tolerated. Two (2) tardies or absences within a program will result in a one-week probationary period. If the student is tardy or absent during their probation, the student will be subject to suspension from the course, and will not be allowed to re-enter the next course offering.

A tardy or “late” is classified by the following: arriving late for class start, returning late from lunch, or leaving early from class.

Note: There is no credit equivalency offered for prior learning. All students must complete the required number of hours in their program of enrollment in order to receive their Professional Multi Media Makeup Artist Credential.

Disclosure Statement:

“Faces Etc of MN, is Licensed as a private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota statues section 141.21-141.32 Licensure is not an endorsement of the Intuition, Credits earned at the Institution may not transfer to all other institutions.”

Office of Higher Education, 1450 Energy Park Drive Suite 350, St. Paul,  MN 55108-5227