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Academic Progress

Our 130 Hour Multi Media Course (and Crash Course to Beauty 1 and 2) will receive a Professional Media Makeup Diploma.

Academic performance is assessed by class work, participation, homework, practice sessions, projects, professional demeanor, and written and practical test outs.

In order to pass the course, the student must achieve an academic score of 75% or higher at mid-term of the program.

Students below exhibiting 75% will be notified and must then bring their grade to satisfactory standing within a one-week period. If student fails to improve their grade, the student will placed on academic probation and/or dropped from the program without ability to earn certification at the Director’s discretion.

In this event, a student must repeat the failed disciplines or portions of the course (incurring additional costs and pro-rated hourly pricing for necessary skills) in order to complete the program.

The Faces ETC of MN grading scale is as follows:

A=96-100 Excellent

B=90-95 Very Good

C= 85-89 Good

D=80-84 Satisfactory

F=0-79 Unsatisfactory-Must retake