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Not all education is the same!
MINNESOTA’S PREMIERE MAKEUP SCHOOL….Faces Etc, Multi Media Makeup School is a Licensed Post-Secondary Career School A state-of-the-art educational facility running our classroom like a production set,” and using a Hi-Definition camera, HDTV, and specialized lighting allows you the perfect setting in which to view your work!

Our Professional Multi Media Makeup Credential- is awarded to those who graduate from our 130 Hour Media Course, which will prepare you for a wonderful career as a Multi-Media Makeup Artist for film, television (HDTV), fashion, beauty, bridal, runway, video print corporate, new media, theater and personal clients!

Training your eye to see makeup in a HD format is crucial to you as a Production Artist –in class our use of a Hi-Definition monitor and camera, our student’s work is viewed in the most precise mediums.  To make quality expert decisions based on our ability to anticipate how the camera will read the makeup. Our graduates have earned feature film, corporate commercial shoots, video segments, runway shows, fashion shows, and print credits – Through our Artist Connections Job board, setting Faces Etc of MN, apart from other schools in the country.

Learn all aspects of the industry, including: airbrushing, photography, print, fashion, hair styling, portfolio development, business info, set etiquette, and more! Our program includes a fashion photo shoot with both, professional models and  fashion photographers – all highly esteemed not only in this Midwest market-but anywhere in the world-This is a GLOBAL education-the principles learned here will be utilized anywhere in the world!.


We have makeup artists working in every facet of the industry. From Prime Ministers, World leaders like the Dahli Lama, to actors like Jon Voight and Stephen Baldwin to dignitaries, news anchors Pierce Morgan, Meghan Kelly,  from  MSNBC,CNN, Fox News, News Week Magazine People Magazine, The Washington Post, and journalists –  From films like the Coen Brother’s “A Serious Man,” “Anna’s Playground,” “Prodigal,” “Statue of David” Four Boxes, Bohemian Sons and many independent films, to HDTV broadcasts like Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, BET TV, and ABC’s Elisabeth Hasselback from “The View,” “Food Wars,” ESPN’S Joe Mauer Homecoming, Faces ETC of MN artists are in the industry. From the cover of People Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, The Washington Post, Twin Cities Bridal Network, MN Bride Magazine and Wedding Show runway events, Twin Cities Fashion and Luxury Magazine, Best Buy and Target Commercials, 3M, Abbott Hospitals, Medtronics, Elixery,  Eco Lab, Shop NBC. Faces ETC of MN makeup artists are raising industry standards for working makeup artists!

Additionally, Faces ETC of MN supplied behind-the-scenes makeup support at the Republican National Convention in 2008, for governors, senators, anchors, and many notables in politics, like Presidential Advisor Karl Rove, and Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. As well as, many Celebrities and Television Anchors

*We reserve the right to adapt Education, Equipment, Kits and instructional materials as we see fit to benefit the overall success of the artist and/or our courses.

Disclosure Statement:

“Faces Etc. of MN, is Licensed as a private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota statues section 141.21-141.32 Licensure is not an endorsement of the Intuition, Credits earned at the Institution may not transfer to all other institutions.”

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