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Saied Homayouni

Saeid Homayouni is a Platform Artist, Educator, Independent Hair Stylist and freelance Make Up Artist.

He was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to Toronto, Canada when he was a teenager. In his twenties he moved to Minneapolis and started his career as a Hair Stylist at an upscale hair salon in Edina. At the same time he completed Make Up Artist certification at Faces Etc. and be came a freelance Artist for Christian Dior and M A C Cosmetics. In 2009 he joined The Sebastian Professional team as an Educator and Platform Artist.

He has always had a passion for fashion and beauty. “I appreciate the art and beauty in everything I see. I draw inspiration from so many different things, art, fashion, music, architecture, history, different cultures or even nature.” Saeid is also from a family of Hair Stylist. Not only is he one of three brothers in the industry his wife is a stylist as well, so no matter what he is always immersed in the world of beauty whether its behind the chair or at home!

He loves to share his knowledge with his fellow Artists, and believes you can never stop learning. “I now that education is the core of the beauty industry and I love the fact that I can be a part of other Artists reaching and surpassing their full potential.