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Kaci Wegleitner

Kaci  Weglitner our Night Instructor, is alumni of Faces Etc of MN and a Licensed Esthetician and has had a passion for makeup artistry for as long as she can remember. Working as a Professional Bridal and  Print artist she has been using her passion to execute beautiful and timeless looks for years in many facets of the Makeup Industry ,making women feel beautiful and special- her creative instincts, eye for details, commitment to excellence and passionate drive for success have afforded her many opportunities to Key Makeup for many various jobs in the production community -where she is typically found  designing looks and collaborating with production on precise makeup looks!

Because of her amazing ability to lead, guide and give back …she found another career path as well! Wanting to take her Makeup skills to another level and to utilize more, her passion for Film and Special  Effects (SFX) makeup -Kaci decided to attend Faces Etc to get her Makeup Credentials to take her career to the next level-and quickly found that being in the classroom teaching others how to take their passions  and turn them into an exciting career was an area she had never really considered but fell in love with the idea  of seeing others utilize this education  to realize  their dreams-and discovered that teaching was an ART of its own!

In 2013, Kaci joined the team of Faces Etc Instructor’s-teaching you how to make this Career path lead you- to your  fullest sense of achievement.

Kaci keeps busy lending her professional input into many mediums-working on anything from corporate  video, runway, feature films, commercial, print,  HDTV, special FX, pageant, and weddings, she has truly done it all with her education from FACES Etc of MN! Faces Etc of MN is very excited to be training and raising up” home grown educators” who can relate to where  you are and see the potential in where you are going while continuing to raise the standard in our Profession!