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One-Day Specialty Classes

Our ONE-DAY classes are offered as a 3 hour class $300. or a 5 hour Hands on included class $500.

The following One day classes are offered to working makeup artists and licensed beauty professionals wishing to expand their makeup techniques. And give you the confidence and skill set need to master the modalities!

Our one day classes are offered in two formats 3 hours theory, lecture and demo only- and our 5 hours hands on addition to any class! these classes can also be utilized in group rates for SALONS or SPAS wishing to get training for their staff!

Please view our “Courses” page for a complete listing of available classes!

Our One-Day Specialty Classes provide in-depth training in a specific area in order to get your career off the ground!

Introduction to Airbrushing

In the world of HD, you must have an understanding of what is required to get flawless and amazing results every time! This class provide you the opportunity to learn airbrush makeup at it’s best. We cover why we airbrush, what your clients are asking for it, equipment options, application skills, and that all-important flawless airbrush application!

Clean Beauty Makeup Application

Learn to execute clean beauty makeup with understanding, ease, and accuracy. Having a proper understanding of this makeup is foundational to all other makeup applications you will utilize. Learn what makes this application so important and hard to master! Excelling in this look is crucial to your career!

Bridal Makeup Application

Here comes the bride! Are you confident the makeup you are applying will look flawless and striking for her big day?

HD makeup applications are required for the new bride who is savvy and cutting edge. No old school makeup here! A proper understanding of this makeup application with all it’s HD elements is crucial as it will be preserved in wedding portraits forever. Learn makeup techniques for morning, afternoon, and evening brides as well as Smokey eyes. Develop your skills in order to create a lasting impression that she is going to love!

Creative Hair styling 1 and 2

Are you intimidated by styling? Does doing hair make you nervous? Do you feel you are lacking creativity? As a working makeup artist, we are oftentimes called on to do BOTH hair and makeup, so having a proper understanding of style, design, and form is imperative to be successful!

Get the skills necessary to produce various hairstyles for print, photo shoots, film, period events, fashion, productions and more. Learn the tricks of the industry and create styles your client will love with ease and confidence.

For your Eyes Only

Are you hung-up doing the same old eye techniques day after day? Do you need your creative juices to flow?

This class will help you define your style, re-create current looks and trends, and make you an expert in application. Learn many different applications for everything from fashion to fantasy, avante garde to specialty looks. There is no limit to the ability to create stunning applications every time!

Business Building

Are you asking yourself how to get to the next level? Need someone to look over your approach and help make adjustments to your business-What is lacking in your approach and skill set to get you out in the community to book work and do what you love? Are you missing key organizational skills? Branding yourself, or are you unsure how to make your business profitable? Or perhaps you are unsure how to invoice and follow-up. This is your class!

Men’s Makeup

Here, you will begin to understand the differences in male makeup applications. The artist will learn techniques and application steps to successfully do a male client’s makeup for any production need including film, bridal, corporate, everyday life, and HDTV.

If you have no male clients because you were unsure about how to perform this much needed skill, then do not hesitate to gain the knowledge to get you out there!

Professional Makeup Product Knowledge

What’s in your kit? Do you have what the job requires? What products are best for what? What do I need to use to achieve this desired look? If you have similar questions, we have the answers. Here, you will find out directly from our industry professionals what products they are not willing to do without. Have you had a problem on-set you need answers to? We can help. Let this class update your current working kit to something you can use today. The important principles of sanitation and expiration of products will be covered!

Photo Shoot Makeup

What is photo shoot makeup? How do I set up a Test for Print with models and a photographer? This class covers the following areas:

  • Makeup used for professional purposes, especially print
  • Utilized in competition work for students
  • Getting camera ready for bridal looks
  • Platform work as educators

If you are looking for some type of education you don’t see here…. Ask!  we do many personalized classes as well!

Discounts are available for groups of 2-10 and Staff training for Beauty salons!

We look forward to helping you with your career!
We’ll see you in class!