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130 Hour Multi-Media Course

The 130 Hour Multi-Media Course-:  $5995.00, including a full working Media Makeup kit ,and photo shoot day

This is one of a kind education-Training the artist in the things they HAVE to know to turn your passion for makeup, into a CAREER!

this curriculum was written for the serious prospective artist-who is trying to move their interest and skills to the next level-Running the classroom as a live set, enables you to acquire knowledge of the industry you would otherwise never know!  These are tings you must know to work on production-not the things you just want to learn!!

Our global education is for the most serious of artists. This education is universal and is applicable in any area of the world in which you choose to have your career!

If you are serious about working in the fast-paced world of media makeup, you cannot afford to be without the skills and information needed to make you a highly-demanded and requested makeup artist!

Education will always be at the forefront of our career. You must stay on top of this evolving industry. Let us show you how!

All of our educators are current working artists. We know what it takes and we offer a state-of-the-art education that truly is second to none.

Getting your Media makeup Credentials in our 130 Hour Multi Media Course equips you with a full professional working makeup kit, including airbrush machine. Currently the cost of this course is $5995. This includes the $2,000.00 kit fee and includes an Iwata Airbrush system. The kit also includes some Makeup Forever, Ben Nye, Graftobian, and other various products required to fulfill our course techniques.

This course consists of 130 clock hours of instruction. One clock hour equals 50 minutes.

This program will teach you the essential techniques necessary for a career as a multi-media makeup artist. Our courses are designed to prepare you to work as an entry-level artist for film/TV, fashion, advertising, print, bridal, and retail.

Note: Some additional classes in special effects/character/airbrushing may be required.

Whether you are working with producers, models, musicians, photographers, or corporations, or working to build a clientele in a spa or salon, the training you will receive at Faces Etc of MN will provide you the platform from which to grow!

Regardless of which medium you intend to work in, mastering the techniques of beauty and corrective makeup is a must.

Upon successful completion of the course, a Faces Etc of MN Professional Multi-Media Makeup credential will be awarded. As a Licensed Post-Secondary Career School- an award that is recognized in our state for makeup artistry.

Learn the tips and secrets to being an award-winning makeup artist, who is privileged to do what they love for a living! Haven’t you been dreaming of makeup photography long enough? Let us show you how your dreams really can come true!

Learn the fundamental techniques of makeup such as…

  • Introduction to media make-up for all mediums
  • Fundamentals of cosmetics
  • Color theory
  • Sanitation and maintenance
  • Tools of the trade
  • Facial characteristics
  • Base matching, custom blending
  • Application techniques
  • Foundation principles

Learn the specialized steps of a makeup application for the many different makeup types and styles. Learn and be confident knowing what to do and when! Be exposed to and master theories surrounding all makeup principles.

At Faces Etc of MN, we don’t just tell you how to do makeup; we show you through our through Demo apllications exactly how to execute the looks-and provide explanations and reasoning as to why we practice particular makeup techniques.

You will learn specialized techniques such as…

  • Designing makeup styles
  • Natural corrective eye shadow positions
  • Blending techniques
  • Eyeliner techniques, styles and correctives
  • Cheek color and applications
  • Lip colors application and corrections
  • Corrective and camouflage techniques
  • False lashes application and techniques
  • Makeup for film, HDTV, print, runway, etc.

Discover the differences in all of these makeup modalities.

Find out what to do for the male makeup application, and take years off the mature client with these proven makeup secrets!

Gain confidence in your skill set as you are able to view exactly what the camera registers as we will critique all work on a High-Definition camera and large flat-screen Hi-Definition TV. You will be able to see precisely what your work looks like.

At Faces Etc of MN, you will work with top photographers, who will conduct a photo shoot with you to capture your work. You will receive a CD copy of your best applications for the start of  your working portfolio.

Lights, Camera, Action…

  • Highlight /Contouring shaping techniques
  • Natural Beauty
  • Glamour beauty makeup
  • High fashion and runway makeup
  • Avant-garde makeup application
  • Rejuvenating and mature makeup techniques
  • The male makeup application
  • Special occasion and Bridal techniques
  • Photography-Print

Airbrushing is the latest trend in makeup application and is a widely-used application technique for many reasons. Find out how you can get that flawless finish every time. We will also learn about working on many different types of sets, terms you should know, and more…

Finishing touches – the dream becomes a reality!

In our Business class portions we will discuss how to run your own business as a Professional

  • Introduction to Airbrushing
  • Photo Shoots and story boards
  • Designing a look
  • Camera Ready hair styling
  • Working with Wardrobe
  • Pay Rates for all mediums
  • How to invoice
  • Creating a Website
  • Kit fees
  • Freelancing Business
  • On Set protocol
  • Terminology on the set
  • Pre-production skills
  • Business cards, comp cards, and winning resumes
  • Portfolio building
  • Working with agencies, photographers, directors, and setting fees
  • Affiliations and Networking
  • Certifications

When you have completed the course, we will continue to work with you to build your clientele list and work with you to best market yourself. On Going one day classes are available as is any Instructor to be hired at their day rate to provide you one on one tutoring for you any area needed.

ONLY those students who excel in the program while here, and  that exhibit the passion and skillset necessary to work in the industry, will receive work experience referrals from Faces Etc of MN., and be eligible be to placed on the Faces Etc of MN,  Work  JOB BOARD referral roster.  we also host a Private group page where Alumni all help each other to gain work, and relationships in the industry-we are like family, and we all help each other to succeed-we do not breed competition in our community-but commitment! 

If you are serious about your career path the next step is to call the school at 612-824-3000. to schedule a tour/assessment to see if this is indeed your career path! If you have not filled out the request information form (long pink box on any page) please fill it out prior to your appointment!