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President’s Letter

Debbie Carlson

Dear Prospective Artisan,

Thank you for your interest in Faces Etc of MN! Becoming a makeup artist may have only been something you dreamed of… until now. We at Faces Etc of MN are here to help you turn those dreams into your reality!

We are a cutting-edge global training center; a licensed Post-Secondary Career School for Media-Makeup Artistry (film, print, video, corporate, bridal, fashion, runway  and SFX, )  the education we provide is universal. No matter where you choose to work in this industry, or in the world, you will be able to employ all principles learned at Faces Etc of MN. as we, too, are global artists!

Being a Licensed Post-Secondary Career School for Multi-Media Makeup Artistry means you are getting the highest standards of education anywhere-. Don’t be fooled…not all education is the same-nor are makeup schools-YOU want to know that what you thought you were getting is actually what is being taught-Licensure is the highest standard you can reach!! and we are proud to provide that measuring rod for any potential enrollments!

We are seeking to instruct  only those who are dedicated to building an amazing career as a Media Makeup Artist. We encourage only the most serious artists to apply. This is a “Career ONLY” makeup school-our training is for those who are passionate and serious about this being a career. We also offer additional options for the beauty professional or our one-day education for those just looking for makeup styles, techniques and tips for personal use!

Together, we will work with you to cultivate the artist within. Our passion is to help you develop the skills and traits necessary to turn your passion into a rewarding career! We are excited about this wonderful opportunity for you to attend Minnesota’s premier Media Makeup Artistry School!

If you are interested in taking the “next step” as a professional makeup artist, please call (612) 824-3000 to schedule an interview assessment and tour our facility. We would love to take the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss your personal career goals, and determine if Faces Etc of MN is the best option for you!

In an effort to “go green,” we have provided an application on this site for your convenience. We ask you bring it to your appointment.

To ensure that all students receive the instruction and direction necessary to make you the talented makeup artist you desire to be, we regulate class sizes. The career you have been dreaming of is now within your reach!

Please be sure to check your email often as we will send you up-to-date information and answers to questions that you have requested!

If you have any additional questions, please call our staff at: (612) 824-3000. We look forward to personally meeting with you soon!

Have a Beautiful Day!

Debbie Carlson

President, Faces Etc of MN,  Multi-Media Makeup School