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Our Mission

State Licensed Makeup Artist School Minneapolis MN

Our Mission: Faces Etc of MN is a Licensed CAREER SCHOOL ONLY: we are committed to assisting our artists in maximizing their individual creativity to reach their highest level of success as a professional media-makeup artist.

We are a Licensed Post-Secondary Career Media Makeup School. We are serious and passionate about our training here at Faces Etc. We are specifically looking for those serious and passionate candidates who wish to move this to  a “career,” not a hobby.

The education and skills you will acquire at Faces Etc of MN are universal and applicable regardless of where you choose to work in the world!

At Faces Etc of MN, you will be taught by some of the most respected and requested leading artists in the industry! Our instructors possess a high degree of personal success and achievement in many specialized areas of the industry! All of our educators are currently working in the Production community all over the country and abroad-to give you the most current education available anywhere!

Our Goal: To teach contemporary and up-to-date makeup artistry courses to both the novice and the experienced makeup professional. Our cutting edge education will prepare you for a wonderful CAREER as a multi-media makeup artist for film, television (HDTV), fashion, beauty, bridal, runway, video, and print.

Our “beyond the counter” philosophy of education is the first of its kind in the greater Midwest area. Our beautiful upscale Makeup School is located just outside the uptown area. It’s the perfect place for you to learn the fundamental skills of the craft!

Faces Etc of MN offers practical instruction that will prepare you for working in all mediums of makeup by utilizing the latest techniques in education. As a student, you will learn all aspects of the industry, including: airbrushing, light special effects (SFX),  photography, print, fashion, hair styling, portfolio development, business, taxes, invoicing, branding, set etiquette, and more.

Why choose Faces Etc of MN?

At Faces Etc of MN, you will gain an unparalleled education! With hands-on instruction and lecture, our students are our priority!  We ensure that our classroom is run in a manner conducive so that you gain the most from your time spent with us!  Because we are a Licensed Career school that is our focus- CAREERS -to get you out in the field working in the craft you love!

Our instructors come from an educational background where managing the classroom, not just the curriculum, becomes an important facet in your learning process. Our educators have a combined 89 years as Media Artists out in the field!  With a limited classroom attendance of eight, Faces Etc of MN instructors can cater to the needs of every single student, no matter what your learning style may be.

Not everyone that can “do” makeup can “teach” makeup-there is a big difference between the two!!

You need to be sure your educators are not just great Artists, but that they know how to transfer the education to you, in a meaningful and useful way!  The Faces Etc of MN curriculum was worked on for over 10 years before the doors ever opened; to ensure that the information taught here would be powerful and transforming. This information was laid out by the criteria of some of the most talented, respected, and gifted educational teams in the country!

We take pride in knowing what it takes in order for you to be successful. We know how important it is to own the information you are taught, not just hear it!  That is why time is spent every day on skills, techniques, and business attributes; to give you the upper hand on your career and get you out in the industry, working in your dream job!